Access Control

Biometrics is the science of confirming a person’s identity through the analysis of that individual’s unique physical or behavioral traits. Biometric magnetic locks utilize the uniqueness of human body features to offer convenience and enhanced security in residences, businesses and government installations. These keyless locks predominantly make use of fingerprint scanning technology, and sometimes retinal scanning, iris scanning and voiceprint identification.

In today’s world where terrorism is at its peak, fingerprinting every individual who enters the building collects crucial information that can be used in case of a breach and behavior history in case of time and attendance at workplace.
Access control devices available from Papamani Reaction include biometric and proximity readers, remote controls, keypads, turnstiles and boom gates.

Alarm Systems

Robberies and burglaries are common crimes in the South African business and residential environments. Alarm system shave the ability to decrease criminal activities on your property using a siren to alert your neighbors and Security Company of criminal activities at your property.

Through a dedicated in-house technical department, Papamani Reaction provides a vast range of alarm systems, from small alarms to highly sophisticated and advanced multi-zone systems. DSC, Paradox and IDS systems are some of the well-known brands that we install, service and monitor from our fully equipped 24hr control room. Call us today for more information and free assessment. We aim to enhance your lifestyle


Your security problems begin when no one is watching. Papamani Reaction’s video surveillance services guarantee around the clock monitoring from every angle. Our CCTV security systems keep a close and protective eye on your valuables – even when you are not looking. Deterring criminal sand surveying your home, business or any other property. This technology is a popular security measure and also assists in monitoring the day to day running of your business through your mobile phone remote access.

The Papamani Reaction experts will assist you in selecting the ideal CCTV system for you and your property. Book for a free consultation with our experts today and your lifestyle be enhanced


Intercoms provide communication between different areas of your home or office. This is an important security system as it helps to identify a visitor before they are granted access.

The intercom systems that we offer comes complete with innovative and advanced features and can be installed any where, for external or internal use. Papamani Reaction installs and service wide range of intercom systems from a one-to-one house or reception intercom to more sophisticated multi-user residential complex or business park intercoms systems with more advanced features.

Papamani Reaction will help you design the best intercom solution for your specific requirement. Call us today, to
enhance your lifestyle.

Electric Fences

An electric fence works as a psychological barrier, protecting your home from unwanted animals, predators and criminals. An electric fence works by sending a pulse of electric current up the wire, traditionally at one pulse per second. If an intruder touches the fence they will be met with a sharp shock.

An electric fence needs to be designed perfectly and constructed to absorb some normal ‘pressures’ from wind, animals or rain. Today these fences are radio linked to a control room where they are monitored for tempering by criminals and response car is dispatched.

A GSM devise attached to the energizer can give you remote access to your fence status. Call us today for an obligation free consultation. We enhance your lifestyle.

Equipment Finance

Seeing the high cost of security systems today in South African and our drive to afford everyone the appropriate protection, Papamani Reaction has partnered with a National Finance house to finance your security equipment.
Whether CCTV, alarm systems, biometric readers or electric fences, we can tailor-make a deal for you.

Please call 011 782 0197  / 011 888 0271 today for more information. With no large financial outlay for your security equipment, we
enhance your lifestyle.

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