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Armed Response Coverage

Armed response service is restricted to Cresta and areas with 5 to 10km radius while all other services cover the whole of Gauteng.

Armed Escorts

Whether it’s your research team or technicians working odd hours or in dangerous areas, trucks carrying precious cargo or passing through high risk areas, VIP’s from the airport, or visiting remote branches or overseas business delegations or overseas tourist groups, Papamani Reaction has experience and know-how to escort you to your destinations.
Some of our clients includes Marcus Evans (UK), Geoscience Research team, Resolve field team to mention but a few. Using both marked and unmarked cars, we are well positioned to escorts you, trucks and your teams safely to wherever they are going. At Papamani Reaction ,
we enhance lifestyles.


Your security problems begin when no one is watching. Papamani Reaction ’s video surveillance services guarantee around the clock monitoring from every angle. Our CCTV security systems keep a close and protective eye on your valuables – even when you are not looking. Deterring criminals and surveying your home, business or any other property. This technology is a popular security measure and also assists in monitoring the day to day running of your business through your mobile phone remote access.
The Papamani Reaction experts will assist you in selecting the ideal CCTV system for you and your property. Book for a free consultation with our experts today and your lifestyle been enhanced

Offsite Monitoring

Whether it’s a panic button, alarm system, access control systems or CCTV cameras, Papamani Reaction is able to monitor activities from our 24hr manned control room. Once an anomaly is detected, an armed response vehicle is dispatched to investigate, all this while you are sleeping. The option of Off site monitoring service has proved to be more cost effective than the traditional guard. Contact us today, we enhance lifestyles.

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A combination of foot street patrols, strict security protocols and dedicated armed response services have proven to be a winner. Call us today for an obligation free assessment and advice. We enhance lifestyles.

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2 Mineva Ave, Cresta, Randburg, 2118


011 782 0197 / 011 888 0271

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